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5. photography is an art science a process of recording light and image.
the word photography is two Greek words that means drawing with light.

6. photographs are a way to capture a moment that you want to remember for life,used in art and sciences.

7. The fashion industry is one big industry that uses photography science also uses photographs so they can study it for longer.

8.Stereoscopic, Digital photography, Light field photography are are different types of photography.

9. to become a photography you need to know how to process and print pictures, learn the light, get to know your equipment and see if you have a creative skill. \

Amazing pictures

external image photography-food.jpg
this picture has bright colors that go good together. the light is put on the cupcake to make it stand out from other things and to show the details.

external image fall_tree.jpg
his photo has brights color that draws you to it.

external image nature6.jpg
this photo almost looks not really the mixtures of color look pretty to look at. the camera angle is in a perfect position that shows a bit of everything the water, trees, sky putting them together look pretty.

external image 2-411-Wildlife_002.jpg

the camera is close up so your focus is on the cub. the lighting seems natural.

external image fireworks.jpg

this photo doesnt need any lighting the fireworks are used for it. its interesting to look at because theres more then just fireworks having the house makes the picture look prettier.

photography dos and donts tips and tricks

  • dont get a bigg camera unless you need to you want to be able to take pictures quickly.
  • do consider paying more for anti shake technology so your pictures can look there best.
  • take your time to take your photo.
  • change angles to get the best one.

principles of design

how each side evens eachother out
external image asymmetrical-balance.png
light and dark
external image gradation.png
repeating the same thing over and over again
external image Repetition.jpg
how the color and value go together and work with the design
external image contrast_header.jpg
they way colours and shapes go together
external image unity.jpg

what standed out the most
external image ac_006_Contrast.jpg
connecting to things to make them look like there ment to be together
external image basics-of-landscape-design-5.jpg

shot lenght
extreme long shot
long shot
medium shot
close up
extreme close up
side light
back light
rim light
When light comes in at an acute angle it can create highlights along the edges of your subject. The stark contrast that it provides highlights shape and form. This type of lighting adds impact to macro, wildlife, nature and fine art nude photography.

Ambient light is non-direct soft lighting that often is bounced from one surface to another. As a result of the non-direct lighting, brightness of your subject is lower than with other types of lighting. In fact this type of lighting often tricks people the most as we seldom think about it consciously. Most photographers might just ignore it looking for other types of lighting. Ambient light works well for a variety of photographic genres particularly landscape photography.

Soft or Diffuse Light Soft light is diffuse providing lighting that is even. This type of lighting reduces contrast and minimizes shadows. Soft light is excellent for portraiture, macro, and nature photography.