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Shot lengths
When you hear people throwing around the terms “framing a shot” or “shot length” they are talking about the distance the camera is from your subject. There are many different types of shot lengths used, and each is used for a different reason and conveys a different meaning. Traditionally, the closer the camera is to your subject, the more intimate the feeling. It also should go without saying the further away the camera is from your subject the more you can see.
A lot of your work will be stuck in the long shot area, but when it is possible try to vary your shot length. You would be surprised at how little an audience needs to see in order to recognize an object.
Types of lighting
  • Window light - When I refer to window light, I am talking about the soft lighting that comes in through a window when it faces north or when the sky is overcast.
  • Natural light - The natural light of the picture when taken.